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Nov. 20, 2012

Was reading the comments regarding HMS Jutland D62 and I was trying to do some research into a story regarding two ratings who were serving aboard her at the tail end of 1961. The ship had been doing exercises with NATO in the North Sea and came into Rosyth at the time when the Forth Road Bridge was being built, it had reached the stage where they had slung a catwalk from the South to the North side of the Forth which would be around December1961. What started this of was the bare message from the web-site see quote, "Two ratings from HMS JUTLAND in court in Dunfermline for walking across Catwalk of new Forth Road Bridge." now this has intrigued me for a while and I did go to the Dunfermline press to look through their archives for that time and though I came across a lot of info about the work being done on the bridge, I never managed to uncover the court case. I myself had just been drafted from HMS Victorious up to HMS Lochinvar so I do remember the story!!!!!!! Would be grateful for any information.

James (Ben) Lyon

July 5, 2012

Have just discovered your website and have found my old first ship HMS Jutland. I served on her for 6 months in 1961-62 as a Junior Tactical Operator (Bunting tosser). The second photograph on the site is of HMS Jutland leaving Oslo harbour in probably 1962 following a Scandinavian Summer cruise for C in C Home Fleet. We visited Oslo, Copenhagen and Kristiansand.  When we arrived back to Dover we picked up the Royal Marine Band with their Col. Vivian Dunn and took them to Ostende for a military band contest,  which they won hands down!  The ship then payed off to Portsmouth and went into  Reserve fleet for a year before being scrapped.  

It was my very first ship and a WWII destroyer as well  -  brilliant until I realised it had an open bridge and in the North Atlantic doing numerous anti-submarine exercises based on Londonderry in Northern Ireland I quickly realised it wasn't as good as I first thought.  Still I did some growing up on that ship. Would be interested to know the names of the Captain and 1st Lt. of that trip, only because the skipper was taken ill in Londonderry and the jimmy took over as CO. The ship was also involved in a collision with an RFA just prior to me joining and was in Chatham dockyard being repaired with serious bow damage to the Comms mess!

Steve Jamieson

Feb. 21, 2012

My father, Ronald Ross Matheson, served aboard the Jutland and has many photographs and memories relating to the time. He is also alive and kicking having just celebrated his 92nd birthday. Just thought I'd check in.

Andrew Matheson

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