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May 21, 2013

I have just come across your info about your period in Nigeria and was also a Boy 1/c and eventually reached the dizzy heights of AB. I joined the Nigeria in April 1946 from Ganges and sailed shortly afterwards for Simonstown via Gib and on to Malta for work-up finally arriving in the June, in Snoeky. I remember well our time in Port Stanley and on to Deception Island to make a protest against the Argentine vessel. It was a chilly change after the sunshine of the Cape. However, very interesting to make contact with someone from those bygone days.

My best wishes to you and yours,
Tom Norman
Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Nov. 15, 2006

I joined HMS Nigeria as a Boy 1/c in Simonstown, South Africa in early 1947, she was at that time the Flagship of the South Atlantic Squadron. We done several cruises up both the east and west coasts of Africa and also a trip over to the Falklands and Antarctica. We returned to the UK (Plymouth} in June 1948. I left her as an OD much wiser and not as stroppy as when I joined her.

Maurice R. Dawe
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
(Formerly from Belfast, Northern Ireland)

(ex Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy, United States Air Force and Merchant Navy. The ships I served on in the RN were the Nigeria, Vanguard and Indefatigable. In the RAN, my ships were the Sydney and Murchison. In the MN I sailed on a variety of ships from Cunard Liners, Saxonia, Caronia and Mauretania, Union Castle Line. Athlone Castle, Rothsay Castle and Transvael Castle. Also numerous tankers, BP Oil. British Osprey, Gulf Oil. Ragusa, Esso Oil, Esso Durham, Esso Lincoln, Esso Exeter and Esso Brixham.)

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