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Aug. 18, 2014

MTB 08 was attached to the 2nd MTB Flotilla based in Hong Kong 1938-1941. 08 brew up on the slip at Aberdeen Harbour after being hit by a splinter from the IJA bombing HMS Thracian on 16th December 1941. Her Commanding Officer was Lieut Lawrence Kilbee HKRNVR. The flotilla consisted of BPB MTBs 07-12 and two Thornycroft 55' CMB's numbered MTBs 26 & 27.

MTB's 12 & 26 were lost in the battle for Hong Kong on 19 th Dec 1941. The action was dubbed the most courageous daytime MTB attack of all time, “The Balaclava of the sea.”

MTB's 07, 09, 10. 11 & 26 escaped on Christmas Day as the Colony succumbed to the overwhelming forces of Japan. Their mission was to get the Chinese Military Mission led by the legendary one legged Admiral Chan Chak back to Free China at all costs.

My father was the Chief Engineer PO Stoker on MTB 07. I have a lot of memorabilia including the Fair Log from MTB 07.

For the full story:

Buddy Hide, Jr.

P.S. The 1 st MTB Flotilla, BPBs 01 -06 went to Malta. The 3 rd MTB Flotilla, MTBs 14 -19 was destined for Singapore but was diverted to Malta enroute to amalgamate with the 1 st Flotilla.

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