Fregattenkapitän Ernst von Studnitz (1862-1907)
by Gilbert von Studnitz

Ernst von Studnitz was born in 1862 as son of Prussian Cavalry Major-General Benno von Studnitz. He entered the Imperial Navy as a sea cadet in 1883, and made his first sea voyage within weeks on the sailing schoolship SMS Niobe. Promoted to Officer Candidate (Fähnrich zur See) in 1884, he became a member of the crew of SMS Elisabeth on their two year long voyage to Africa, Australia, and Japan. During this voyage he took part in the German occupation of Angra Pequena on the West coast of Africa and the first raising of the German flag over New Guinea.

Promoted to Ensign (Leutnant zur See) upon his return in 1886, he was assigned to the cruiser SMS Carola, which he boarded in Singapore. During this assignment he again traveled along the African coasts, and participated in fighting during the uprising of Buschiri bin Salem in East Africa in 1888. Upon his return to Germany he was assigned as adjutant to the Naval wharf director at Kiel.

Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade (Oberleutnant zur See), he was training officer on board SMS Stosch in 1893-94. Among his trainees was the later Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, who became a close friend of Ernst. In 1895 was assigned as battery officer of SMS Kaiser, which voyaged to China and Japan. Returning to Germany by way of crossing the United States by train.

In 1896 he was promoted to Lieutenant (Kapitänleutnant) and held various land and sea commands for short periods of time. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (Korvettenkapitän) in 1903, he became commanding officer of the light cruiser SMS Geier and was again on long voyages outside European waters. Promoted to
Commander (Fregattenkapitän) in 1906 he became director of the Naval Vessel Testing Commission in Kiel, but died in mid 1907 as a result of appendicitis. Ernst's oldest son, Ernst-Benno, became a rear-admiral (KonteradmiraL) in Germany's WW2 Navy.

Fregattenkapitän Ernst von Studnitz

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