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July 8, 2015

I am an ex-naval veteran, both Vietnam and confrontation and I am researching the naval role in Indonesia  before, during and after confrontation. As a part of that I have found in Archival files detail of Anzac and Tobruk escorting a Dutch cruise liner from Singapore to the Java Sea in early 58. I'm hoping to be able to make contact with some of the men who served in Anzac and Tobruk at that time, Not sure if there are many left, but would appreciate some help and or advice in making contact please?

Best regards,
Tas Browning

Nov. 20, 2012

I have in my possession 2 photos taken in 1951 one is a photo of HMAS ANZAC and HMAS Kangaroo at dock in Port Moresby (seen on page 1). The other is a photo of 5 sailors in a bar called Ashi Beer Hall in Japan (seen below), the names of the sailors are Bill Haas, Ray Perks, Stan Atkins, Paul Lucas and Terry Smart. These photos were found in an irrelevant novel purchased from a second hand book stall. I assume these men are long gone by now, but I thought maybe their reles might be happy to have a copy.

Ray Braund

MaritimeQuest is in possession of the original photograph. Through an arrangement with Ray Braund we have agreed to provide a copy of this photo to any relative of the men in the photo. If you are a relation or are one of the sailors in the photo please contact the webmaster. (

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