Oregon (1883)
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Dec. 27, 2007

I am so glad to have a glimpse at the ship my Paternal Great Grandfather his Mum and two brothers crossed the Atlantic on way back a hundred and twenty three years ago. The vessel was the SS Oregon, which only lasted three years, before it was struck by a schooner in New York Harbor. I only found this out a little over a month ago. They arrived in April 1884. Margaret Loftus was 40 and her sons Pat 19 my Great Grandpa John 16 and the youngest Tom, who I believe was 13. They were situated east of Liverpool and listed on the 1881 British Census, although they were Irish. They ran a boarding house and the husband and three of the four older sons worked in a metal smelting place.

I've recently had the opportunity to gain the assistance of a lovely Mormon Gentleman and he and his wife had me over to dinner and then unexpectedly they shared the Mormon grace of how to hunt the internet, to find out Genealogy and we found the people I came to realize rode on the SS Oregon. It was all very exciting, and you
can betcha my other relatives are eager to get together with me in early '08 to collect their dues and I've decide they must assist me in taking this fine gentleman and his wife to dinner. Thanks for the great work you do!

Frank Loftus

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