Electrician's Mate 3rd Class John W. Parmer, U.S.N. Collection
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Setting up camp on Okinawa.

Setting up camp on Okinawa. At right is the water ration tank, we were allowed ¼ canteen per day.

OOD Headquarters office and personnel. From left to right; Fred, John Parmer, Gavin and Herb.

Sept. 16, 1945 John Parmer at the switchboard just before the typhoon. Notice the bracing, water and canvass over the switchboard.

The electric crew in front of the generator building at water point. From left to right: Hammond, John Parmer, Emmerson, Hoot, Twitchell, Barrett and monkey, Buster.

Water point tanks on bank of Yontan river.

Important bridge we built. I had flood lights on it to work at night when a Jap bomber passed overhead. His bombay doors didn't open.

Washing our mess kits before chow. Mess hall not built yet.

Early line up at ship store.

Out all denomination church.
(All photos by Lt. Stewart P. Robinson, U.S.N.)
Courtesy of John W. Parmer, U.S.N.

MaritimeQuest is grateful to John for making this never before published collection available for digital preservation and publication. It adds a valuable insight to what it was like in the final days of the war in the Pacific. John W. Parmer served in the U.S. Navy from Dec. 4, 1944 until Feb. 9, 1946 in U.S. Naval Construction Battalions (Seebees) 24th NBC, 27th NBC and USN CBMU 630 Maintenance unit.

The majority of the photos in this collection were taken by Lt. Stewart P. Robinson, the unit chaplin, and were given to John. It is not known what became of Lt. Robinson after the war.

The majority of the photos were taken at and around Okinawa and is presented in the order of the caption list provided by John, there has been no attempt to put them in chronological order. Additional notes appear in yellow text below the photos.

John has written about his experiences and has allowed MaritimeQuest to make this available to the public in PDF format. Download it here: John's War Years.

Page 8
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