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May 21, 2018

I have a handwritten, three-ring log book starting July 29th, 1918, with the name R. D. Houghton on the front cover. The book is meticulously illustrated and seems to be a new recruits' training log as there are tabs for general construction of ship, ground tackle, signals, weather, stowage of cargo, etc.

I just want to get it to someone that appreciates historical items like this. A bonus would be someone that would try and locate the authors family to see if they would want it. It came from my elderly next door neighbor that moved back up north with her family. Her name was Barbara Hart. I am thinking her maiden name might have been Houghton, but I'm not sure. The book, along with some other items were left at the curb for trash. I couldn't let this be thrown away.

Lori Lheureux
West Melbourne, FL

Lori has generously donated the log book to MaritimeQuest. It is our intention to scan the complete book and make it available for download as a PDF, but the document is delicate and this may take some time. Until then, below are a few pages from the book. Please note that while it looks like several pages have printed illustrations, these are in fact hand all drawn by Mr. Houghton. The drawings and handwriting are extremely elegant and quite detailed. The book is 100 pages in all.

Michael W. Pocock

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