Daily Event for November 14

On November 14, 1909 while en route to Singapore the French liner La Seyne was rammed by the British India liner Onda. The La Seyne was built as Etoile du Chile in 1873 and was 312' long with a 38' beam registered at 2,379. She was a single screw iron hulled steamer which could make only 10 knots.

The collision damaged the ship so badly that she sank in two minuets leaving no time to launch lifeboats. Those
who made it into the water were reportedly attacked by sharks before the lifeboats from the Onda were
lowered. Of the 162 people on board 101 were lost, including the captain, the ship's doctor, 57 passengers and
42 crewmen.

© 2008 Michael W. Pocock

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