Daily Event for January 25, 2007

In 1964 the Israeli navy bought an ex Royal Navy boat named Totem, on her delivery voyage to Haifa the sub
now named Dakar sank with all hands for unknown reasons. She had been built at the Royal Dockyard at Plymouth, England (Devonport) in 1943 and was a T class of the third group. She had been lengthened during
a refit after she was bought by Israel. She departed Portsmouth on Jan. 9, 1968 on her delivery voyage
bound for Haifa, Israel with 69 crewmen on board under the command of Yacov Ra'anan. She was to arrive at Haifa on Feb. 2 but Ra'anan requested permission to arrive on the 29th since he was ahead of schedule. The early arrival was allowed and the ceremony for the boat was set. She was under orders to signal every six hours and send her exact position every 24 hours. The last signal sent was on Jan. 25, 1968 at 00:02 hrs. She was never heard from again.

In May of 1999 the wreck was found and it was determined that a water leak in the forward section caused the boat to flood and her trim could not be checked. After reaching crush depth the boat imploded and split in two. The wreck now rests on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea about 300 miles from Israel.
© 2007 Michael W. Pocock

January 9, 1968: INS Dakar 77-TZ seen departing Portsmouth, England for Israel.