Daily Event for November 19

Nov. 19, 1917 the USS Chauncey was rammed and sunk by the SS Rose west of Gibraltar. The convoy
was under blackout orders and this contributed to the collision. The Chauncey sank at about 03:17 and took
21 men including the captain with her. The seventy survivors were picked up by the Rose.

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USS Chauncey Destroyer #3.

Roll of Honor
In memory of those who lost their lives in
USS Chauncey
"As long as we embrace them in our memory, their spirit will always be with us"

Anthony, Stanley T.
Electrician 1st Class
Claggett, Jr., Honore M.
Chief Electrician
Crane, Daniel B.
Machinist's Mate 2nd Class
Ewart, Joseph S
Machinist's Mate 1st Class
Goodrich, Charles A.
Chief Machinist's Mate
Guttridge, Algen H.
Machinist's Mate 2nd Class
Haman, Henry G.
Hampel, William H.
Heroux, Joseph A.
Fireman 3rd Class
Kopp, Ira F.
Mess Attendant 3rd Class
O'Connor, Charles A.
Chief Yeoman
Pagtakhan, Francisco
Mess Attendant 3rd Class
Reno, Walter E.
Lt. Commander
Commanding Officer
Rhinehart, John
Chief Watertender
Skinner, Jr., Harry G.
Smith, John A.
Gunner's Mate 1st Class
Stribling, John W.
Terkildsen, Oswald J.
Yeoman 2nd Class
Wagner, Nicholas H. J.
Shipwright 1st Class
Wedderburn, Charles F.
Lieutenant (j.g.)
Wornell, George
Boilermaker 1st Class
Philippine National

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