Daily Event for March 7

March 7, 1901 the Dutch three-masted barkentine Voorspode was grounded at Perran Bay, Cornwall in a storm. The merchantmans crew were all rescued by breeches buoy during the storm. The ship was in good condition, but was plundered by the locals. They managed to loot most of the ship's cargo to the disgust of the captain who said "I have been shipwrecked all over the world, but I have never encountered such savages as those who inhabited Perranporth.

The local police arrived the next day to prevent further looting. The Voorspode was refloated with relatively little damage done to her. Her next voyage was to be to Newfoundland, but Voorspode never made it. En route she was lost with all hands.
© 2006 Michael W. Pocock