Daily Event for February 13

February 13, 1857 The Anchor Line's Tempest sailed from New York carrying general cargo and one passenger bound for Glasgow and was never seen again. The loss has never been explained but, any of the normal problems of navigating the north Atlantic could apply. Maybe a storm caught her in mid ocean pounding her to pieces or perhaps a fire sent her to the bottom.

The Tempest was built in 1854 as a three masted sailing ship but she made only one voyage under sail, her maiden voyage to Bombay. In 1856 she was converted to steam power and was placed on the Glasgow to New York route.

Only one complete voyage was made under steam so it is possible that there was a problem with the new equipment. A broken propeller shaft maybe or perhaps a boiler explosion but it is likely that we will never know why she sank. No debris was found and no survivors left to tell the tale. Just another ship lost to the depths for unknown reasons.

© 2006 Michael W. Pocock