Daily Event for November 29, 2005

November 29, 1944: The Japanese super carrier Shinano was sunk. Shinano was laid down as the third of Japan's super-battleships, Yamato and Musashi being the other two. It was later decided, due to heavy carrier losses that Japan had suffered, to convert the Shinano to a carrier. She left on her maiden voyage on Nov. 28, 1944 being escorted by three destroyers. Shinano was heading to the Inland Sea for her sea trials when she was spotted on the 29th by the USS Archerfish SS-311. The Archerfish's captain, Joseph F. Enright, fired six torpedoes, four slammed into the starboard side of the giant carrier. Dead in the water she rapidly began to list.

Shinano was carrying almost 3,000 people including crew, shipyard workers and civilian workers. While the Archerfish made her getaway, the escort destroyers came to the aid of the stricken ship. On board, panic began to take hold of the civilians. This may have contributed to the large loss of life in the sinking. Some 1,435 died. The Shinano may have had one of the shortest careers in naval history, only 17 hours. The captain of the Archerfish was awarded the Navy Cross, the captain of the Shinano Toshio Abe, went to the bottom with his ship.
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