Daily Event for August 11

August 11, 1892: The USS Marblehead Cruiser #11 was launched in Boston. The 269 foot, 2,090 ton cruiser's first combat patrol was during the political unrest in Nicaragua in 1894. In 1895 she was sent to Europe and cruised the waters off Syria. On June 20, 1895 Marblehead represented the United States for the opening of the Kaiser Wilhelm canal in Kiel, Germany after which she visited more than 40 foreign ports.

In 1898 the Spanish-American war broke out and she was sent to Cuba. She helped to capture the lower bay at Guantanamo so the US could set up a base for the fleet. On June 15 she joined the battleship Texas in shelling the fort at Cayo del Toro. Marblehead departed Cuba on Sept. 2, 1898 and headed for Boston for repairs.

After repairs were finished she was moved to the Pacific Fleet and cruised off the west coast from Alaska to Chile. After serving with the California and Oregon  Militia's as a training ship she went to war. After the USA entered World War 1 in 1917, Marblehead was used to escort convoy's and to patrol for German raiders off the west coast until mid June when she was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet and used to escort convoy's in the Caribbean until the end of the war. Marblehead served the USA for 26 years and was scrapped in 1921.

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USS Marblehead Cruiser #11