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June 3, 2019

I have started a search on my family history and I am hoping to get information on my uncle. He was on the USS Ingraham DD-444. All of my relatives has since passed so I basically am starting from scratch. My uncle, Irenee Cloutier, was my mother's brother. We have no photos of him, no anything. I am hoping that perhaps you or the government do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Brenda Connell

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June 6, 2019

Irenne Norman Cloutier
Service number: 202-07-06
Service: U.S. Navy
Father: Aldor Joseph Cloutier of 59 Bluff St., Providence, R.I.

Enlisted at Boston, MA on Dec. 16, 1941
Rate: Apprentice Seaman

Assigned to USS Ingraham DD-44 on Jan. 8, 1942
Promoted to Seaman 2nd Class on Apr. 16, 1942

Killed in Ingraham in collision with USS Chemung on Aug. 22, 1942, body not recovered.

Michael W. Pocock

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