USS Edsall DD-219

USS Edsall DD-219 seen in the 1920's.

USS Edsall DD-219 seen in the 1920's at San Diego, California.

From left to right: U.S. destroyers Edsall DD-219, McCormick DD-223, Bulmer DD-222, Parrott DD-218, Simpson DD-221 and MacLeish DD-220.

USS Edsall DD-219 date and location unknown.

From left to right USS Black Hawk AD-9 and U.S. destroyers McCormick DD-223, Bulmer DD-222, Edsall DD-219, Simpson DD-221, MacLeish DD-220 and Parrott DD-218 seen at Singapore in 1934.

February 27, 1942: USS Edsall DD-219 seen alongside USS Langley AV-3 just before Langley sank.

March 1, 1942: A frame from a Japanese film showing USS Edsall DD-219 while under attack by Japanese warships.

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