USS Essex LHD-2
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March 8, 2006: USS Essex LHD-2 off Iwo Jima.


March 8, 2006: LCAC-90 landing on the beach at Iwo Jima. The USS Essex LHD-2 is seen in the background.


March 31, 2006: USS Essex LHD-2 in the Yellow Sea with ships of the US Navy and the Republic of Korea
during FOAL EAGLE 2006.


September 8, 2006: USS Essex LHD-2 arriving at Yokosuka, Japan for a port visit.


October 7, 2006: LCAC-81 in the well deck of the USS Essex LHD-2 embarking US Marines of the 31st Marine
Expeditionary Unit for a training exercise.


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