USS Essex LHD-2
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September 18, 2003: USS Essex LHD-2 launching a landing craft from the well deck during Blue-Green Workups off Luzon, Philippines.


March 27, 2004: USS Essex LHD-2 and the Republic of Korea landing ship Seongin Bong LST-685 off the
coast of Korea during FOAL EAGLE 2004.


June 4, 2004: Commanding Officer Captain Jan M. Tol and Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld on the
USS Essex LHD-2 at Singapore.


September 9, 2004: USS Essex LHD-2 and USS Belleau Wood LHA-3 in the Arabian Gulf during Operation
Iraqi Freedom.


September 22, 2004: USS Essex LHD-2 and USS Seattle AOE-3 conducting a vertical replenishment in the
Persian Gulf.

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