USS Essex LHD-2
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July 16, 1993: USS Essex LHD-2 moored behind the USS Fanning FF-1076 at San Diego, California.


October 6, 1993: From left to right; USS Tarawa LHA-1, USS Essex LHD-2 and Ranger CV-61 at Long Beach
Naval Shipyard.


October 10, 1996: USS Essex LHD-2 passing under the Coronado Bridge departing Naval Station, San Diego,
California for a six month deployment to the western Pacific.


October 8, 2000: USS Essex LHD-2 at White Beach Port, Okinawa, Japan.


March 15, 2001: USS Essex LHD-2 off Iwo Jima during the 56th anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima.


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